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The key to regulating AI is explainability. The key to explainability may be causal AI.

A New York Times essay surveying proposed regulations for AI cites a Biden administration plan as a good first step, especially in its focus on the need for AIs to explain their thinking. Causal AI may be the solution.
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Case Study: How Leela AI builds trust with security-conscious industries

Vanta's case study goes behind the scenes to show how Leela AI achieves the highest level of data security and privacy for our customers.
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Causal AI: A new direction for process inspection in manufacturing

Read the new Smart Industry feature from Leela AI CEO Cyrus Shaoul. Causal AI can identify relationships between cause and effect, thereby streamlining automatic process identification.
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Wanted: Waste Removal Specialist

CMTC’s "Identifying and Eliminating the 8 Forms of Waste in Manufacturing" analyzes the many ways that factories needlessly shed money. Let’s see how visual intelligence software such as Leela Platform stacks up as a waste removal solution.
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Leela AI Releases First Commonsense Visual AI Platform for Manufacturing

Leela AI announces the commercial release of Leela Platform. Product demonstration webinar scheduled for March 2, 12 p.m. ET

Leela AI CEO featured on The Manufacturing Stream podcast

Leela AI CEO Cyrus Shaoul talks to The Manufacturing Stream´s Eric Whitley and Phil Anderson about how Leela Platform´s visual AI solution is like an always-on Time and Motion study and Gemba Walk. He also previews Leela Creator no-code dev environment.

Public funds help manufacturers go digital

One in ten states now offer grants to small and medium manufacturers to purchase technology for digital manufacturing. Our guide to grants and other federal and state resources for SMMs can help show you the money.
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Survey: AI is more popular with employees than you might think

An MIT Sloan Management Review survey found that AI-enhanced software is surprisingly popular with employees, with 64% of respondents personally deriving at least moderate value from using AI.
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Leela AI Announces SOC 2 Type II Certification for Data Security

Leela AI has been certified by AICPA for meeting its rigorous SOC 2 Type II data security standard, ensuring a high level of confidence for customers using Leela Video Intelligence Platform.

Let’s Get Neurosymbolic

Steve Kommrusch, Leela AI’s Director of Research, discusses the Leela Platform’s innovative hybrid neurosymbolic/neural net AI engine at the ISO/IEC AI Workshop and the Futurati Podcast.
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The Key to Continuous Improvement? Frontline Workers

Manufacturers often underestimate one key principle of Kaizen: integrating input from frontline operators. By sharing video intelligence dashboards with the front line, organizations can benefit from innovations that can only emerge from the act of doing the work.
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Leela AI CEO to present at 2022 MIT Research and Development Conference

On Nov. 15, Cyrus Shaoul will demonstrate how a hybrid causal/neural AI can transform video analytics into video intelligence to enable better visibility into manufacturing operations.
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NAM 3Q report: Supply and labor shortages still a (very big) thing

The Q3 2022 Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey reveals widespread concern about labor, supply, and cost issues. The good news: video intelligence can help.
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What Follows Product Inspection? Process Inspection

Machine vision was first used in manufacturing to perform product inspection. Now, more sophisticated video intelligence software is identifying defects in production processes to gain insights for continuous improvement.
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Solving the Labor Crunch with Video Intelligence

Labor and supply shortages have made it harder for manufacturers to boost productivity. Video intelligence tools can identify new gaps and flaws in the production line as they emerge and help streamline the system and tame uncertainty.

Leela AI CEO Speaks at MIT’s Manufacturing Conference

Cyrus Shaoul's presentation on Leela's resilient AI at the 2022 MIT Manufacturing Conference exploring the newest innovations driving and responding to disruption, including supply chain resiliency, automation, sustainable transportation, and global collaboration.
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An AI That Can Make Up Its Mind

In a feature article on MIT’s STEX 25 website, Leela AI’s co-founders reveal how they have combined deep learning with symbolic AI to create an SaaS that is “inspired by the way humans learn, which is by perceiving and acting simultaneously.”

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