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Leela Platform delivers actionable insights to transform manufacturing productivity. Set up in days and get results within weeks.

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Leela Platform is a manufacturing visual intelligence platform that acts as a continuous time and motion study spanning multiple workstations and facilities.

Leela CoreAn advanced visual intelligence engine based on research from MIT AI Lab. Leela Core identifies, measures, and analyzes the activities of people, tools, equipment, parts, and products and the processes that link them. Leela’s deep insights go beyond identifying the “what” to help answer questions about the “why.”

Leela Viewer A dynamic, customizable web and mobile dashboard for analyzing manufacturing operations. Drill down into video and view time series charts and graphics of key metrics.

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Leela Platform's Visual Intelligence Edge


With the advanced capabilities of the Leela Core visual intelligence engine, Leela Platform provides accurate, detailed operational insights while delivering a global understanding of operations. Our manufacturing AI platform scales across multiple operations and locations.


Leela Platform is data collection software for manufacturing that automatically identifies and understands complex work activity with 100x less data and 10x less time than typical solutions. The manufacturing analytics software can be deployed in a week and start providing analysis within two to three weeks.


The Leela Viewer dashboard delivers actionable insights with intuitive graphs. The KPI dashboard provides a common reference for everyone from the front office to the front line, enabling greater insights and participation throughout the organization.

Secure and Private

Leela Platform has been certified for the SOC 2 Type II security framework to ensure the highest level of protection against cyber-attacks. Privacy features include face and body blurring, no audio recording, and the option to disable video review and storage.

Case Study: Assembly

Learn how Leela AI’s visual intelligence platform drives major productivity improvements in the assembly of heavy equipment.

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Set up in days and get results within weeks

Leela Platform acts as a continuous time and motion study that spans multiple workstations and facilities.