Leela AI Ethical Principles

version 0.1 July 12th, 2023

At Leela AI, we strive to create a future in which humans and AI work together to improve everyone’s safety, productivity and quality of life. Our mission is to efficiently summarize real-world video stream information into understandable and actionable reports. By combining state-of-the-art neural network object and pose recognition with a causal reasoning system, our Leela Platform generates common-sense insights from complex visual information.


We prioritize the human element in human-AI partnerships

The next generation of AI will be capable of continuous interaction with humans, so it is essential to develop a healthy and collaborative working partnership between the two. We believe that AI will play a complementary role to human ingenuity and creativity by making work safer and more enjoyable. While AI is rapidly advancing, we believe that only people have the intelligence to manage the full complexity and richness of real-world conditions in our diverse places of work. We build systems designed from the ground up to complement human intelligence, keep people safe and minimize the most burdensome work.


We build understandable AI

It is imperative that AI be trustworthy if people are to work productively with it. Therefore, we are committed to building AI with capabilities that are predictable, understandable, transparent, and in service of human needs. We are committed to being transparent with the public and our customers regarding the state of our technology and to prioritizing its explainability.


We build AI responsibly

The broad use of AI highlights the need for its responsible development. At Leela AI we aim to build systems that learn to communicate about the world in a way which is free from biases and reduces risk of misuse. We develop internal processes and safeguards in order to produce systems that people can rely on. We are committed to engaging with and considering the ethical questions our products raise in order to prioritize human safety, autonomy and respect. We do not accept abusive use of our products and seek to ensure they improve, not threaten, our customers’ employees’ quality of life at work. Privacy and human dignity is at the forefront of our minds, and we prioritize maintaining the privacy and security of our customers and their employees. We will support development of AI ethics statements by our vendors, customers, and other stakeholders with whom we work with to build responsible AI.


We will not weaponize our technology

We will not authorize nor partner with those who wish to use our technology in connection with weapons control or autonomous targeting systems. If our products are being used for harm, we will take appropriate measures to mitigate that misuse.


We believe AI use must comply with privacy and civil rights laws

We will not authorize nor partner with those who wish to use our products in a way that violates privacy and civil rights laws. We understand that emerging artificial intelligence technologies including computer vision and human activity algorithms raise questions about the ethics, legality, and potential for bias around their use in the public sphere. Leela Platform has been certified for the SOC 2 Type II security framework to ensure the highest level of protection against cyber-attacks. The video is owned by the customers. As a default, video is archived on our cloud servers for only 3 months, aside from clips saved by the customer. The cut-off is determined by the customers. Per special request, we can set up edge servers to keep video storage entirely on-site.


We support the establishment of laws and regulations that promote the safe and responsible use of AI

We will use our leadership position in AI to help the public, lawmakers, government and commercial customers clearly understand the capabilities and limitations of current AI technology. We will support and encourage a mix of stakeholders including academia, industry associations, NGOs, and policymakers to debate and align on the benefits and risks of this nascent technology. We will engage with lawmakers to promote legislation around the safe use and deployment of AI.


Acknowledgements & Iterative Improvement

We’d like to acknowledge the Boston Dynamics’ ethics statement which hugely influenced this first draft of our own. We commit to continuously developing Leela’s ethical framework and look forward to evolving this document significantly as we do so. Advice, critique, and discussion are all invited to help us make this early version a living and growing statement. Leela believes continuous ethical reflection is essential to developing and using AI responsibly, and we invite both our peers and our customers to consider these topics for themselves. As such, we include links to related reading below.

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