Improve Workplace Safety

Leela Platform is designed as both a productivity and safety solution. Our manufacturing customers have found substantial ROI by using the software to identify safety and ergonomic issues.
Industrial engineers and EHS teams can direct our visual intelligence software to delineate “hot zones” on the shop floor and identify when and where people are inside them. Leela Platform can spot hazardous activities and note when and where workers are not wearing helmets and other required personal protective equipment (PPE). Our software can also detect near-miss situations with moving equipment like fork trucks.
Our visual AI tools can measure time spent working with high-risk equipment, standing on ladders, or walking under active cranes. Leela can also detect when a person is unresponsive or lying down. Our AI’s expertise at pose detection enables it to spot potential ergonomic problems that lead to repetitive stress injuries.
In more automated operations, Leela Platform performs a full-time visual cross-check of machine sensor data, augmenting existing safety management solutions. For example, it can send alerts after identifying potentially dangerous machine malfunctions.
Industrial engineers can use all these insights to adjust workflow and workstation layout to create a safer work environment. Analytics data can be exported in industry-standard formats to augment existing safety management and safety reporting solutions.

Want to see how Leela AI can improve workplace safety at your facility?