Reduce Overtime and Staffing Disruptions

Reduce Overtime with Real-time Staffing Awareness for Better Shop Floor Management

Even without a pandemic to wreak havoc on your staffing plans, labor shortages, supply chain problems, and trends such as flex-time and four-day work weeks can complicate scheduling. Staffing decisions are critical to the bottom line, especially in high touch, high mix operations with many frontline employees, frequent product turnover, and extensive customization.

Leela Platform delivers the timely information you need to reduce wasteful overstaffing. Our visual intelligence platform can also help avoid understaffing, which often leads to lower capacity, increased lead time, quality control problems, and profit-killing overtime.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Our manufacturing analytics software can augment HR and team scheduling solutions or be used as a daily reality check on more informal staff hiring and scheduling decisions. When employees call in sick or when unexpected events occur such as sudden supply deficits or rush orders with short lead times, Leela Platform gives you a real-time, birds-eye view of how well your staffing plan is working.

Leela Platform’s visual process inspection reports help analysts quickly spot new bottlenecks. This enables managers to redeploy frontline workers within minutes instead of days. For example, if the Leela Viewer KPI dashboard indicates that non-value add time has increased significantly on one workstation, it might suggest an overstaffing problem caused by understaffing earlier on the line.

Shop Floor Management

Redeploying staff on the fly can sometimes lead to mismatches such as employees who are undertrained or unsuited for a particular task. Leela Platform’s continuous metrics and comparative analyses can better inform corrective action management decisions about who fills in where, as well as when and where training is needed most. The solution is particularly useful in operations and shifts where shop floor management is spread thin.

Visual intelligence is a new way to deliver DPM (Digital Performance Management) without requiring manual data entry or challenging data integration. Our timely notifications empower team leaders with the shop floor data collection tools they need to intervene quickly before problems lead to costly waste.

Shop Floor Management and Data Collection

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