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Leela AI’s flexible services for manufacturing intelligence Software

As a default, our SaaS cloud manufacturing intelligence software is available on a per camera subscription basis, letting you affordably evaluate the software and start small before expanding. We can set up the video source in a day or two with standard, Ethernet connected cameras, and train the AI in as little as a week. The set-up time depends on the complexity of the recorded tasks and the number of cameras. Typically, you can start generating actionable analytics with our real-time manufacturing dashboard within two to three weeks.

Alternatively, depending on your needs and scale, we can set up edge servers to keep video processing entirely on site. This edge processing option may be preferable at bandwidth-constrained sites.

AI for Manufacturing Companies

Leela AI offers flexible service options. For operations with extensive analytics staff and AI expertise, we can stand back with minimal engagement after the initial setup, thereby helping you reduce costs. Many of our customers take advantage of our no-code tool, which lets them tag new activities to track by highlighting the area of interest on the video in a web browser and adding labels.

Manufacturing Monitoring Systems

For those who are new to software for the manufacturing industry, our service experts are available to assist with analyzing the data, training the AI, integrating with other platforms, configuring privacy options, and converting video clips into training applications. We also offer free change management consulting for customers who are new to lean manufacturing principles and AI for manufacturing companies. Leela AI can provide strategies to smooth the transition process for the cultural changes required to get the most out of our manufacturing monitoring system, as well as increase employee acceptance.

An MQTT API is available to integrate Leela Platform’s manufacturing data collection software with IIoT, MES, ERP, and other enterprise platforms. (OPC-UA support is coming soon.) The software can also provide significant value on a stand-alone basis. For smaller high-touch operations, it may be the only smart manufacturing platform you need.

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