Reduce Training Time

Faced with the rapid pace of technological change and more frequent job turnover, manufacturers are increasing their investment in training. Beyond meeting the need to train new workers and upskill existing staff, effective training and retraining can help improve productivity and safety.

Yet, with the high cost of training and the downtime required for retraining, training programs need to be targeted and effective.

Leela Platform is not a full-featured training solution, but it can augment manufacturing training software in two ways. First, because our visual intelligence solution measures the time it takes to perform manufacturing tasks and process adherence 24/7, it enables you to identify best practices. Second, by generating a video record linked to easy-to-comprehend dashboard metrics, the software makes it easier to share best practices with others.

One of the major benefits of Leela Platform is its ability to spot anomalies in human production tasks. By identifying the best way to perform a task, the software enables supervisors and training staff to share video of stand-out work with anyone performing the same task. Video and metrics are easily exportable in industry-standard formats that can be incorporated by training software.

By repurposing best practices into interactive training materials, trainees see the same workstations, products, components, tools, and placements they will be using on the job. For shops with frequent turnover of products and assembly practices, Leela Platform provides a fast, effective tool for retraining.

Finally, video is especially effective with younger people, who have grown up with interactive video. They expect to see it in their training courses.

Want to see how Leela AI can reduce training time at your facility?