Decrease Training Time

Leela augments training software programs with best practice videos to Reduce Training Time

Faced with more frequent job turnover and the rapid pace of technological change, manufacturers are increasing their investment in training. Beyond meeting the need to upskill staff and train new frontline employees, training and retraining can help improve productivity and safety.

Yet, with the high cost of training and the downtime required for retraining, training programs need to be targeted and effective. Toward this goal, manufacturers are increasingly incorporating video in their training programs. Video is an especially powerful training tool for assembly and skilled craft operations and is essential for younger trainees who have grown up learning through video.

Yet many training programs use canned video examples displaying workstation environments, tasks, and products that often differ significantly from whatever setup you have now. As a result, trainees learn generic processes in the manufacturing operational training software and then train in a different environment on the job, thereby extending overall training time.

Leela Platform is not a comprehensive training software program, but it can augment manufacturing training software to decrease training time with fresh, targeted, interactive video examples. If you have a smaller operation that cannot afford enterprise training software, it may be the only training software program you need.

Operational Training

One of the major benefits of Leela Platform is its ability to spot anomalies in production performed by people.  Our visual intelligence solution measures the time it takes to perform manufacturing tasks and process adherence 24/7. It then displays the metrics in easy-to-comprehend dashboard graphics linked to interactive video clips. This makes it easier to identify the best way to perform a series of tasks.

Manufacturing Training Software

By providing tools to easily highlight best practices, Leela enables supervisors and training staff to share video of exceptional work with anyone performing the same tasks. By frequently capturing and sharing best practices, supervisors can provide trainees with exactly the same workstations, products, components, tools, and placements they will be using on the job and reduce training time.

Teachers and students can explore video clips in Leela Viewer with full VCR controls while features such as face blurring protect privacy. Alternatively, you can easily export video and metrics in industry-standard formats that can be incorporated by training software programs. Either way, manufacturers can be more confident they are teaching the best practices for the process they are using now. By customizing the training to mimic real-world conditions and using interactive videos linked to metrics, training time is reduced.

After training with Leela’s best practices clips, trainees will already be familiar with the current production process, thereby reducing the time spent with on-the-job training. This also limits the downtime and disruption of frontline staff required for skills demonstrations.

Finally, if a company chooses to share privacy-protected best practices clips and metrics throughout the organization, employees can study other production processes at the factory. This not only helps everyone understand how their job fits into the entire operation, but makes it easier to apply for a new job or to quickly retrain on a new workstation to fill a staffing gap.

In short, Leela Platform provides a fast, effective tool for operational training and retraining, especially for shops with frequent turnover of products and assembly practices.

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