Reduce Wasted Time

Leela Platform can help manufacturers reduce all forms of waste summarized by the acronym DOWNTIME: Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilized Skills and Creativity, Transportation, Inventory Excess, Motion, and Excessive Processing.

The biggest payoff in reducing waste, improving takt time, and boosting profits comes from decreasing the time wasted by production workers waiting for supplies or the next product unit.




Non-Utilized Skills and Creativity


Inventory Excess


Excessive Processing

Leela Platform can spot the many relatively minor bottlenecks on your line that add up to significant wasted labor over time. Unless you measure all the processes involved in production, you may not realize the manufacturing cycle time has been lagging and takt time is increasing. Delays are often missed by IIoT sensor analytics and the human eye.

Our visual AI software can help analyze the production process to help quickly identify the cause and suggest potential solutions. The software enables better estimates of takt time and generates insights that lead to improved cycle time consistency. The ability to continuously compare cycle times across different shifts and production lines offers a powerful insight into bottlenecks and other potential problems that might have gone unnoticed.

Finally, our manufacturing monitoring software excels at spotting inefficient human motion that slows the production process. By leveraging Leela Platform’s advanced pose detection and motion analysis algorithms, industrial engineers can discover overlooked flaws in workstation setup and product placement. They can then begin to implement appropriate lean manufacturing improvements to improve cycle time.

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