The Leela AI Story

The Leela AI team is applying Leela Platform toward beneficial applications with respect for privacy, starting with visual intelligence to improve productivity in manufacturing.

Leela’s co-founders met as students at MIT. They bring to the company extensive technical and business experience in AI, natural language, computer science, and manufacturing. Newton, Mass. based Leela AI expects to expand its team in the coming months with a variety of remote, work-at-home positions.

The Team


Henry Minsky


Henry is the driving force behind the core Leela AI software. He worked on computer vision systems at the MIT AI Lab and on distributed location-based services and wearable sensor networks at NTT DoCoMo. Most recently he worked at Google’s Nest Labs. (BSc. MSc. MIT)

Cyrus Shaoul Picture

Dr. Cyrus Shaoul


Cyrus is an entrepreneur and computational neuroscientist with expertise in computational cognitive modeling. Cyrus was co-founder and CTO of Digital Garage, which he led from a start-up to a successful IPO. (BSc. MIT, PhD U Alberta)

MIlan Minsky headshot

Dr. Milan Singh Minsky


Milan brings extensive experience in venture backed technology startups. She worked at HP/Agilent Labs, co-founded UV-C LED startup RayVio, and has played a key role in multiple hardware/manufacturing startups. (BSc.MSc. MBA MIT, PhD UCSB)


Sheung Li

VP Applications

Sheung has led product and marketing at multiple startups and is an expert in using machine vision in manufacturing. (BSc. MIT, MSc MBA Stanford)


Dr. Steve Kommrusch

Senior AI Research Scientist

Steve is an expert on the application of deep learning to hard problems in AI. He has led CPU and chip design at AMD, National Semiconductor, and HP. (BSc U Illinois, MSc MIT, PhD CSU)



For information on available careers at Leela, email