Leela Core

Leela Platform is powered by Leela Core, an innovative AI engine based on research at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. With its dynamic combination of traditional neural networks for pattern recognition and causal-symbolic networks for self-discovery, Leela Core goes beyond accurately recognizing objects to comprehend processes, concepts, and causal connections.
Leela Core is much faster to train than conventional NNs, using 100x less data and enabling 10x less time-to-value. This highly resilient AI can quickly adjust to changes and explain what it is sensing and doing via the Leela Viewer dashboard.

Recognizes complex tasks within a workflow that can be captured, timed, and used to train

Comprehends actions, context, and consequences

Rapidly identifies non-value-add and anomalous activities.

Provides confidence ratings and reasons behind its analytics

Make Adjustments. Measure Impact.


Install and configure standard video cameras and link to Leela cloud SaaS platform. Record 3-10 videos of operations annotated with your expert knowledge

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Flag key objects and activities, identify value vs. non-value activities, and select processes to calculate and report.


Begin capturing operations at selected stations and observe metrics and insights revealed in Leela Viewer. Drill down into videos, analyze time-series charts, view value gauges, and more.

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Adjust Leela’s inferences with human-in-the-loop feedback to align with ground truth; configure alert levels and identify new activities by manually framing them.

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Compare activities across times, shifts, and stations to inform process improvements. Re-tune and modify activity detectors to quickly reflect changes in labor, products, and deadlines.

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Continuously improve.


Leela Core is a fast study, avoiding the need for hundreds of hours spent labeling images and training the AI. Leela is motivated by intrinsic curiosity, creating theories about cause and effect, and conducting experiments to test the theories.


The software comprehends the purpose of objects, as well as their relationship to people and other objects. Leela can connect all its acquired knowledge and use it to make plans and reason about goals.


Leela Core applies probabilities of accuracy to its causal insights. When confidence is low, the platform draws on its neural networks as a backup. Leela can explain its analysis and correct itself based on insights from human experts. Customers can customize activity detector creation using the graphical editor within Leela Viewer to quickly reflect changes on the floor.

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