Leela Platform

A novel AI engine for video intelligence

Leela understands concepts and draws causal connections using 100x less data and 10x less time-to-value than competitive solutions.

The platform’s hybrid causal/neural network engine is based on research done at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. Our software uses a dynamic combination of artificial neural networks and symbol networks. Leela not only recognizes images, but comprehends concepts in context, enabling deeper insights into the work happening in your facility.

Leela AI has developed a resilient AI that understands the world in a more natural way than typical deep learning platforms. Leela Platform can quickly adjust to changes in production flow and staffing on the fly and explain what it is sensing and doing.


Continuously tracks and monitors operations based on customer-defined events


Recognizes complex tasks within a workflow that can be captured, timed, and used to train

Comprehends actions, context, and consequences
Rapidly identifies non-value-add and anomalous activities.
Provides confidence ratings and reasons behind its analytics
Scales across multiple operations and locations


Leela Platform avoids the need for hundreds of hours of development time spent labeling images and training the AI.

Leela’s AI engine learns via a dynamic, tightly integrated combination of traditional artificial neural networks for deep learning pattern recognition and Leela’s innovative causal-symbolic networks.



The platform can not only identify an object, but understand its purpose and its relationship to people and other objects.

Leela is motivated by intrinsic curiosity. The software creates theories about cause and effect and then conducts experiments to test the theories. Leela can connect all its acquired knowledge and use it to make plans and reason about goals.



Leela applies probabilities of accuracy to its causal insights. When confidence in a conclusion is low, the platform draws on its neural networks as a backup. Leela can also explain its analysis and correct itself based on insights from human experts.

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