Leela Viewer

An easy-to-use dashboard for monitoring and analyzing operations

Leela Viewer offers a dynamic interface for tracking and visualizing manufacturing operations. Based on customer-defined events developed in the Leela Creator visual development environment, Leela Viewer supplies web and mobile based views of customized alerts and displays multiple timelines for easy comparison and analysis. The dashboard displays video with labeled object overlays and provides multiple views of trends and statistics.


Continuously identifies trends and measures impact of changes


Measures and reveals continuous time and motion study data


Reports insights into metrics like cycle time and value vs. non-value added activities


Compares productivity between sites, shifts, and time periods

Camera Selector

Switch between camera views and drill down for dashboard insights into each view.



Track the detection of activities as each video segment is played.


Time Segment Selector

Zoom to specific time segments to see shifts, days, hours, or minutes.


Time Series Chart

View detection of activities over time. Click to play corresponding video.


Video Segment Playback

Scrub through video to locate sequences and click to advance to neighboring segments. Protects privacy via face and/or body blurring.


Analysis and Insights

See cycle time, throughput, value-add vs.
non-value add activity and more. Compare trends over shifts and sites. View actionable alerts generated in real-time.