Leela AI CEO featured on The Manufacturing Stream podcast

What do you get when you combine a continually running Time and Motion study, a hyper-aware digital Gemba walk, and an innovative and highly curious AI engine that understands the relationships between people and objects from visual sensor inputs?  On the latest episode of The Manufacturing Stream podcast on Apple Podcast, Leela AI CEO Cyrus Shaoul describes how Leela Platform increases visibility into manufacturing operations and provides insights that enable new ideas for continuous improvement and higher productivity.

In the half hour podcast, titled Revolutionizing Manufacturing: AI – The Next Big Leap?, Shaoul sits down with hosts Eric Whitley and Phil Anderson to discuss how visual AI platforms like Leela can analyze and compare key metrics across shifts and locations to highlight best practices. Shaoul also previews the Leela Creator no-code visual development environment, which enables customers to quickly create apps that are fully customized for their operations. (The interview starts around the 8:20 minute mark.)

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