Leela AI launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

Leela AI launches on Google Cloud

Leela AI, a provider of visual intelligence solutions for improving productivity and safety in manufacturing, today announced the availability of Leela Platform on Google Cloud Marketplace. Leela AI has exclusively hosted its SaaS visual intelligence software on Google Cloud and was recently approved as a Google Cloud partner level for the build engagement model. With the new Google Cloud Marketplace availability, Google Cloud users have easier access to Leela Platform, providing advantages such as faster procurement, unified billing, and deeper product integration.

Leela Platform delivers continuous time and motion analysis of manufacturing activities to enable deep insights for continuous improvement. The visual intelligence software measures and analyzes the complex interactions between people, tools, machinery, robots, parts, and products to identify bottlenecks, safety hazards, and best practices. The software can also help industrial engineers compare productivity across shifts and stations. Plant managers can see real-time performance numbers and make timely decisions that lead to hitting their targets every day.

Google Cloud Marketplace enables users to discover, purchase, and deploy third-party software solutions that are optimized to run on Google Cloud infrastructure. The Google Cloud Marketplace serves as a centralized repository for applications, services, and virtual machine images that are ready to run on Google Cloud.

“Google Cloud has been essential to our early success,” said Cyrus Shaoul, CEO of Leela AI, Inc. “Thanks to Google Cloud and our fast-training AI, customers can quickly set up a trial to see if Leela Platform is right for their operation. Google Cloud Marketplace will make it even easier for new manufacturing customers to sample, deploy, and expand the power of visual intelligence.”

The Marketplace link for Leela AI’s platform is: https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/product/leela-ai-public/leela-ai-visual-intelligence-service-1

(You will need to set up a free Google Cloud account if you don’t already have one.)

About Leela AI, Inc.

Leela AI is helping manufacturers achieve greater visibility into their operations to drive performance and continuous improvement. Leela’s privacy-enabled visual intelligence software identifies and times every step in the manufacturing process to spotlight best practices, bottlenecks, and safety hazards. Leela Platform helps our customers track hourly performance, support standard work, reduce waste, boost capacity, and improve safety while also expanding digitization beyond machine data.

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